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Robotic Competition

There are several website which provides information for different robotic competition:

  • RoboGame: RoboGames is the olympics of robots. They invite the best minds from around the world to compete in over 50 different events: combat robots, fire-fighters, LEGO bots, hockey bots, walking humanoids, soccer bots, sumo bots, and even androids that do kung-fu. Some robots are autonomous, some are remote controlled – but they’re all cool! As an open event, anyone can compete – this means you.
  • Robot Contests and Competitions FAQ: It gives a list of available Robot Contests around the world:
  • IRobot Challenge: The iRobot Create Challenge is a robot building contest that will challenge your ability, your creativity, and your mastery of technology. Use the iRobot Create Programmable Robot platform to develop your own unprecedented and innovative robot that’s functional, helpful, entertaining, whimsical or simply amazing.
It’s interesting to check their competition criteria, as there are so many flexibilities.
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Free Online Survey Using Google Document

By Keyona James

Abstract: Many of us have completed online surveys of feedback questionnaires. Many surveys are created by research marketing organizations on behalf of retail or service companies. Sometimes they may be custom developed using dynamic HTML or scripting languages. But when you want to create your own professional online survey you don’t need to contract with research from or understand HTML. In fact you can build your own survey without spending money. Google Documents is a feature rich environment for creating documents, spreadsheets,presentation,and now survey forms.

  • Set up a G-mail account/Free Account
  • After, point your brower to Google Documents and focus on the future rich suit of applications.
  • Click begin a new online survey, Click Form
  • Enter a Title or Name for the form/survey
  • You new survey from will have one question block already in place ready for you to customize.
  • For each equation Enter the question Title. Finally select the type of question.
  • When you have go over a question with the mouse pointer, you’ll see small icons appear to the right that allow you either Edit, Copy, or Delete Questions.
  • You may move questions to reorder your survey by simply dragging to desired location.
  • As you enter questions, and once you complete you work, click “Save” at the upper right of the window to the save the form.
  • To edit the confirmation window that is offered to users after completing your survey, click Edit confirmation.
  • To distribute your survey, you may either click “Email this form”
  • While editing a survey form, you may view responses by clicking “See Responses”
  • The summary display offers statics and charts for all responses.
  • Google Documents collects all responses and stores them in Google Documents Spread Sheets.
  • When viewing the Spreadsheet data for your survey form, you may Google back to the form edit view by clicking edit the form.

You can also visit and see a video that was posted February 17, 2010 on how you can create a free online survey using Google.

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How to use ooVoo video call feature

By Julian Thompson

I would like to introduce and explain a few interesting features of the applications software program known as ooVoo to you. As an applications software program it enables anyone with an internet connection, webcam, and a microphone to communicate with other users worldwide. One problem that some people often have is finding a convenient time and place to meet for a study group. The need to travel and spend time on the phone or e-mail is reduced with ooVoo and in addition video conferencing allows communication from anywhere and anytime. Web conferencing is just one of the many features that ooVoo has.

Here is a common scenario that many college students have encountered. A very difficult group project has been assigned by the instructor for a college course and each group consist of six members. The group members are very far away from each other and may require traveling to meet in person. With ooVoo’s video calling feature you can chat face-to-face with other ooVoo contacts or have a free online video call with contacts who do not have ooVoo. Each member of the group can sign on simultaneously for up to six people making communication much more convenient. Here are the instructions on how to use the video calling feature.

Step 1. Go to and download the ooVoo software.
Step 2. After downloading, open the software by clicking the ooVoo icon on your desktop.
Step 3. Once the ooVoo software is open Click on the web video call tab in ooVoo.
Step 4. Now, to communicate with someone who does have ooVoo simply click their link on the ooVoo browser or send your contact your web video call link through e-mail if the person does not have Oovoo. Having your contact downloading the ooVoo software is not necessary.
Step 5. Once your contact clicks your web video call link the person will see you in their web browser.
Step 6. Create a “Call me Button” . you can put this button on your blog, e-mail signature, or your social networking site. With the “Call Me Button” it is much easier for people who do not have ooVoo to click and call you anytime.

Date: April 10, 2011
I tried ooVoo for the third time and contacted my father who was in Orlando, Florida for vacation. The software program worked and I held a conversation with him for a few minutes. I saw a video of him and he saw a video of me and we chatted with each other. It is right to communicate with other people in any way possible. The reason I used ooVoo is because it is very convenient and easy to use.

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A Field-trip to W.J.Keenan High School

Today, we visited W.J.Keenan High School. I’m very impressed by their robotic program, their lab equipments. Later on, I found some website information about this program:

And 3 Computer Science Teachers:  Carolyn D FranklinCharnice E Ray and Martin Cwiakala.

Some concerns about our college education:

  1. If we have kind of collaboration with any high schools, it will be good for us to know our students better and build kind of connection from the high school level to college level.
  2. Collaboration will be valuable for both our college students and high school students.
  3. Possible connection with service-learning program?
  4. Details of collaboration: transportation, time concern, teaching materials, etc.
  5. Evaluation plan !?
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SIAC: Tortoitich leads the way for the Tiger Track Team

04/14/2011 1 comment

Atlanta, GAThe Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference announces the 2011 Track & Field All-Conference and All-Academic Teams.

The men’s team is led by track athlete Dickson Toroitich of Benedict College and field athlete Turner Coggins of Morehouse College. Toroitich ran a time of 9:36.21 in the 3,000 meter steeplechase during the Shamrock Invitational and 15:29.19 in the 5,000 meters during the Wofford Invitational, earning All-SIAC first team honors in both events. Coggins had marks of 14.85m in the shot put and 44.68m in the hammer throw at the Jackson State Relays along with a mark of 52.69m in the discus at the Stillman Relays, earning All-SIAC first team honors in all three events.

SIAC Announces 2011 Track & Field All-Conference and All-Academic Teams

Congratulations to Dickson Toroitich!

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