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iPod Touch -> Free Phone

Using Google Voice and gmail phone call service can turn the computer to a phone. In the workplace with internet access, it’s very convenient. Now, I’m considering if it’s possible to make the phone call work in any PDA, some small devices. For example, simple iPod touch, with only wifi access.

And the following are some solutions:
1. Talkatone http://www.talkatone.com/
Talkatone helps you to make unlimited FREE calls, send text messages and share locations using data connection on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Talkatone uses WiFi or 3G connection only and doesn’t use your cellular minutes. GTalk (gmail chat) and VoIP Google Voice work in it.

2. Textfree http://www.pinger.com/content/home.html
– FREE unlimited text and pic messaging
– Earn FREE calling minutes
– Receive FREE incoming calls
– It’s available on Android too.
2.1 Forward Google Voice calls and text messages to Textfree
2.2 Google Voice without Textfree Number

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  1. 07/04/2011 at 5:11 pm

    Talkatone worked just great. There are several things important:
    1) Talkatone should be running on the background
    2) Wifi is enabled and the ipod is in the area with Wifi access
    3) You should already have a google account with google voice enabled and with a google voice number
    4) You should configure your google account in the Talkatone
    5) To make it easy to use, you’d better to set up your ipod to synchronize the contact info. with your google account (another topic -> how to synchronize google contact). Talkatone will use the contact info. in the ipod and google chat contacts.
    6) It is ok to have the power of the ipod turned off. Talkatone will ring when there is a phone call or text message from google talk.

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