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International Input Method on Ipod

It’s neat for ipod to support different input methods, which really makes Apple’s products to be international. And the handwriting recognition part is cool.

Here is how:

1) Got to “Settings” located at the home of the ipod;

2) Select “General” and then “Keyboard” or “International”.

3) In Keyboard, tap International Keyboards; in International, tap Keyboards.

4) From there, scroll through the available languages and turn on the language input you’d like. You can activate support for handwritten characters (cool feature) if you have this option.

5) You can switch back and forth among any active international keyboards by click the global icon, when you are in the input status.

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Maintenance of a Mac Computer

For a Mac computer, installing a software is easy, while uninstalling is hard; using a Mac is easy, while maintenance is hard. How can we enjoy the neat system of a Mac and also make it healthy and speedy as always?

I have two years experience with a MacBook Pro. At the beginning, there is kind of learning curve to switch from Windows to Mac, however it is a nice experience. I tried different software to get similar functions I used in Windows. And then I notice an uninstalling and maintenance issue. With more and more software installed and tested, I notice the system is slowing down, and some software crashes from time to time. Updating is not solving the problem. The system need to be cleaned and well maintained, but how.

Below are some links that could be a reference:

Uninstalling software:










Personally, I like the 5) and 6) the best.

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