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Increase Disk Size for Virtual Box

Problem Description: XP in Virtual Box has ran out of space, and Virtual Box is running in Mac OS X 10.5.8. How can I increase XP space easily?

Simplest Solution I ever found: VBoxManage command + partition-tool for XP


1. Apply VBoxManage command (It can be applied to any .vdi file, which can be any operation system. What happens after this step is that when you open the VirtualBox Manager, you will see the related hard disk updated to the new size. )
1.1. In Mac, open an X Window terminal.
1.2. Locate the right directory with the related .vdi file.
1.3. Run command: VBoxManage modifyhd [RelatedFileName].vdi –resize [ExpectedSizeinByte]
For example: VBoxManage modifyhd XP.vdi –resize 10240
This command will increase virtual hard drive XP to 10G.

2. Apply partition tool for XP (After the above steps, the hard disk size has been increased. However, once you boot XP, the disk size still shows the old size. Then we need kind of partition tool to expand the disk size based on the new increased available space.)
2.1. In the VirtualBox Manager, run the XP
2.2. Download a free small partition tool called EaseUS® Partition Master Home Edition. And then install it.
2.3. Run the installed file, go to the main screen, click “Resize / Move Partition”, and change the size, and click apply.
2.4. It’s done.

I don’t know if the first step will be enough for other operation systems, you can try it and it is very likely that you will need different partition tool for your target operation system.

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