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Google Site in Teaching: File Security

Using Google Sites in teaching for numbers of years, I was thinking about a feature: to have part of the content accessible to limited group of students. However, google doesn’t allow us to simply set a password for a google site. So, I have tried:

1. Make the site private and share it with students.
Problem: I have to collect all the students’ emails, and the students should have their own google accounts. For each semester, I will have to do the same work again.
So, it’s time consuming and inconvenience.

2. Create an extra google account, and share with students the password.
It’s better. But it is still inconvenience for the students who usually use google account. Definitely, they wouldn’t like to switch the account a lot of times. If google sites support multi-account log in, it will still be a nice solution.

3. Leave the site public but make some password protected files.
I like this solution the best so far. If I want to make some content protected, I can make it a password protected pdf or other type of file, and then upload it to the google site. Thus, students will have to have the password to access the file online or read it offline.

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