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To Students: Simplify / Manage Your Life with Google Calendar

10/18/2012 2 comments

From time to time, some of the students can not show up in classes, miss homework deadlines, scheduled appointments, and even exams. Recently, I found most of the students didn’t use any tool to manage their schedules. They try to keep everything in their mind, and if they forget anything, then they miss it.

I have tried to send out reminders regularly. However, I realize that students should know how to manage their own schedule. Here is a technical tip to help – simply use google calendar and task to put everything in one place.

Here are some tutorial resources:

1. Blog post: simplify/manage your life with google calendar

2. Youtube: Google Calendar and Tasks Tutorial

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’8 reasons I rejected your article’

10/16/2012 2 comments

Nice article:
A journal editor reveals the top reasons so many manuscripts don’t make it to the peer review process
By Peter Thrower, PhD | Posted on 10 September 2012

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