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Share: “1 Million Users: What I Learned”

I have tried Jotform for my class. Very neat product. Especially, I enjoyed the function to sync the submitted files to dropbox. This semester I notice some nice improvement of it, and I love the function to link to google spreadsheet. So, it brings a lot of potentials.

Today, the founder Aytekin Tank shared a post: “1 Million Users: What I Learned”. Nice article and congratulations to their team!

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  1. 01/29/2013 at 5:00 pm

    Some highlights from the shared article:
    * “The best marketing you can do is to have a great product.”
    * “Listen to your users and re-invent yourself continuously.”
    * “How do you create a great product? By building a terrible product first.”
    * “Most sites are optimized to get signups……We optimized our product to get people start using our product right away.”
    * “I love getting feedback from our users. Good or bad. It is a chance to improve. It is a chance to get motivated.”
    * Grow Your Team Organically: …… “I knew that I needed to hire a developer so that at least one of us can completely focus on development” (Development Team)……”I realized I was spending all of my time with support. I was not doing my job as a founder. That’s when we hired our first support person” (Support Team)….. “The context switch between projects is a productivity killer. That’s why I very recently created a new team” (Maintenance Team).
    * “When you find yourself in a tough spot, look at it as an outside observer. “

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