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Summer Ideas for Students

1.Think of a job that does not now exist.  Write what that job looks like.  What would you do to make that job happen in the next 3 to 5 years?

2.Identify a job you are eying and write what is in your personality that makes you a likely person for that job.

3.Think of your dream-come-true.

4.Write something profound and share your profundity with a friend.

5.Travel to a foreign country, virtually.

6.Take a virtual cruise.

7.Visit your local county library.

8.Listen to soft music from a different culture and country.

9.Stroll in a park.

10.Go to a zoo.

11.Tour a museum.

12.Take pictures of flowers in bloom or of vegetables in a garden.

13.Trek up a hill.

14.Listen to the birds chirp and write a reflection poem of the birds’ chirping.

15.Throw a pebble in a pond and recreate through a painting the rippling of the water.

16.Make a pot holder, or beads, or a bracelet.

17.Learn how to operate a sewing machine.

18.Make a blanket or take a quilting class.

19.Crochet a tie.

20.Become involved in a community service organization.

21.Serve a meal to the elderly.

22.Chat with a fisherman about fishing on the banks of a waterway.

23.Watch the sun rise and sun set; and record the different colors that you observed.

24.Smell the coffee and explain its aroma to a friend.

25.Interview an elderly family member about your family tree.

26.Sing a song to yourself and identify your voice range and pitch.

27.Write about the venue of a stage performance.

28.Read a book about innovations; and think and write about something you would like to innovate.

29.Admire a work of art and categorize the art piece by its century.

30.Visit a church.

31.Travel with family members.  Write 2 paragraphs about a memorable summer experience.

32.Sketch out your “paradise.”

33.List 5 persons whom you admire and assess their characteristics that are impressive to you.

34.“Step-up” to the collegiate challenge of a rising junior.

35.Read. Read. Read.

36.Please add other suggestions:

(From: Quality Sophomore Initiative (QSI), Benedict College)

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