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Strategies for Improving Online Student Retention

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A Dozen Strategies for Improving Online Student Retention

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  1. Make a good first impression.

  2. Never underestimate the importance of instructor presence.

  3. When grading student assignments, it’s best to provide constructive recommendations for improvement that are highly motivating and encouraging.

  4. Answer all questions posed by students in the faculty forum section within 24-48 hours, and communicate this feedback window to students so they know what to expect.

  5. Make students feel they are a part of the program by letting them know how important their contribution is to the class.

  6. Let students know they were missed when they return from being absent.

  7. Practice proven adult learning principles and strategies in the classroom. The faculty should ensure that the learning environment is characterized by mutual trust and respect, freedom of expression, and acceptance of differences.

  8. Introduce collaborative learning techniques in the classroom.

  9. Engage students by hosting live webinars.

  10. Establish an early alert system.

  11. Help students establish specific goals for attending the program and each course.

  12. If you’re an administrator, be sure to involve faculty in student retention matters.

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